Wear Your Hart On A Shirt


About a year ago I was talking to a guy on Tinder. I asked him what he did for a living and he told me he was a DJ. The first thing that came to my mind was: “Just what the world needs another DJ”. Immediatly I thought that that would be great on a T-shirt! Later that day as I walked through the most beautiful city in the world and that I get to call home, the same thought occured, only this time it said: “Just the world needs another Hipster”.

While I was walking I decided it was time for a coffee. As I approached my favourite shop on the corner I realized it was a brand new coffee bar. Guess what I thought as I walked in.. Right! “Just what the world needs another Koffietentje (Dutch for coffee bar)”.

As I had my latte with soy milk and vanilla (who is the hipster now..) I decided that if I was going to have an opinion about any of the above I would have to make a statement and share it with the lovely people of Amsterdam, the rest of the Netherlands, maybe even Europe and eventually the rest of the world. And with that crazy idea filled with ambition “JustWhatTheWorldNeeds” was born! And as I realized that I was acctually going to do this I thought: “Just what the world needs another Entrepreneur”.

JustWhatTheWorldNeeds is a fun, crazy, sarcastic-with-a-capital-S and smutterred with self-mockery way to express the daily irriations we all have from time to time. So if we are going to complain why not have something pretty to wear and look good while we do it!

You eather identify yourself with- or are annoyed by any of the above. Make your statement either way!

xoxo Naomi

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